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Ethics regulations | code of ethics

Ethics regulations | code of ethics –
Tribal youth group dedicated for bringing innovative in tribal development. Ensuring tribal success

1. Dedication to Tribal development
              - we shall contribute to community through cultural & welfare activities
             - we shall take lead to make aware about social responsibilities along with our professional & personal life

2. Promotion of interest of AYUSH vision
                - we shall promote vision & mission of AYUSH by organizing or supporting various events by possible ways 
                - we shall safeguard & increase the assets of AYUSH through maximization of time utilization & improving quality
                - We shall follow rules & guidelines as updated by AYUSH time to time

3. Respect of Tribal unity & originality
                - We shall respect Tribal unity, irrespective of sub tribes
                - We shall raise social awareness 

4. Working together for tribal success
               -We shall contribute our professional and personal success for making tribal success
 - We shall work together with group/individual for ensuring tribal success

Let us make our next generation competetive!

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